Pelvic floor dysfunction: the most-asked questions

A weak pelvic floor (or a pelvic floor dysfunction) can cause health issues for the rest of your body. But not everything you may have read online is true. In this article we’re going to answer some of the most-asked questions relating to your pelvic floor, as well some advice on how to treat yours.…

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5 proven alternatives to Kegel exercises

alternatives to kegel exercises

Although Kegels can be an effective way of strengthening your pelvic floor, they can also be problematic. That’s because a lot of people don’t use the correct technique. According to one clinical study, 46% of people do not perform Kegels correctly. Half of those participants believed they were using the right technique. Simply put, if…

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How long does it take to strengthen your pelvic floor?

As we grow older, our pelvic floor (the group of muscles around our bladder, bottom and vagina or penis) naturally becomes a little weaker. Events such as childbirth and menopause can accelerate this. This can lead to some unpleasant symptoms – both physical and mental. A weak pelvic floor can negatively affect your urinary, bowel…

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