Fat Dissolving Injections in Dublin

Fat dissolving injections explained

Fat dissolving injections are the next generation of weight loss treatments. They're quick, effective and pain-free. And the DESO Fat Dissolver is one of the leading treatments out there.

DESO fat dissolving injections work by injecting a small vial of Sodium Deoxycholate into the target area. This is basically a synthetic version of a chemical in your body that absorbs fat. Once this substance is absorbed by your body, it triggers a natural reaction that breaks down the fat over time.

The treatment is a natural and effective way of targeting small pockets of stubborn fat on your face or body.

Please note that we carry out fat dissolving injections at the nearby Gerka Clinic in Stillorgan, Dublin.


The Desoface and Desobody injections contain a potent, purified form of Sodium Deoxycholate that is even more effective at treating stubborn fat than other fat dissolving injections.

Plus, because they only require a single injection, the procedure is more comfortable for the patient with little to no downtime afterwards.


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For more information about fat dissolving injections, you can book an initial consultation with us. It costs just €20, which is refunded in full should you choose to take up treatment at our clinic in Dublin.

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