Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments

Wish you could get rid of your acne?

Acne can affect anyone, but it’s particularly common during adolescence – a challenging enough time as it is, without the extra complexity of skin problems. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to dominate your life like this, we can help you control it.

Acne Treatments

Bespoke acne treatments from qualified practitioners

Whether you’re concerned about spots, blackheads, cysts or any other form of inflamed pores across your face, neck or torso, at Dundrum Clinic, we offer a wide range of specifically-tailored acne treatments that can help restore your confidence. Our qualified team will guide you through a detailed consultation to determine the right treatment for you – from deep skin facial cleanses and peels through to safe and effective IPL laser treatment – leaving your skin clearer and your mind happier too.

We have a gynaecology hormone specialist who can provide a blood test facility if your acne is triggered by an irregular hormone profile. If you’d like more information about our range of acne treatments, get in touch with one of our practitioners. Our professional, initial consultation costs just €20 – refunded in full should you choose to take up a package of treatments here at Dundrum Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have acne?Expand

Acne is a skin disease which, when pores get clogged with sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria, manifests itself through the appearance of skin lesions. The pores become inflamed and the lesions – spots, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, nodules or cysts – are the result, with the face, neck, chest and back becoming the focus areas for acne.

Many risk factors have been identified including hormonal changes, diet, stress and certain medication.What happens during my consultation?Expand

One of our qualified staff will note your medical history and assess your skin condition.

As acne is generally more prevalent amongst adolescents, we require any under-18 patients to be accompanied by an adult. Once we’ve assessed your skin, we recommend an individualised acne treatment programme exclusively for you. This may include acne laser treatment or a deep skin facial cleanse with gentle products.What acne treatment products do you use?Expand

We have tried and tested the best acne treatments and products available to treat your skin. We use the ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical ranges of anti-acne creams and treatments, produced by Dr Zein Obagi, one of the world’s leading skin health experts and dermatologists.

We also stock Image Skincare products, which contains salicylic acid combined with soothing botanicals to calm irritated skin. The ultimate treatment for your acne.

We also have peels designed exclusively for acne. Read more about these in our dedicated chemical peels section.How does IPL acne treatment work?Expand

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment delivers a broad-spectrum pulse of light in the visible spectral range of 420nm. The light gets to work on the epidermis by increasing the formation of monatomic oxygen, the element that kills off the acne-producing bacteria. This results in the progressive disappearance of acne and a reduction in the scars caused by the bacteria.

Patients with inflammatory acne obtain the best results from IPL treatment.What are the benefits of IPL acne treatment?Expand

After the first session, it will seem like your skin is moving very rapidly through cycles of progress. Spots and dirt initially surface during the first week but dissipate in a few days, leaving your skin looking healthier.Are there any precautions or restrictions with IPL acne treatment?Expand

Clients should avoid sun exposure for 30 days before and after each session. This treatment isn’t available if you’re pregnant. If you’ve been taking antibiotics, you must wait for a period of time after you’ve finished taking them before commencing treatment.

No other special precautions are necessary. No potentially harmful wavelengths are emitted during this treatment.What can I expect during and after IPL acne treatment?Expand

During treatment, patients describe any discomfort in terms of a warming sensation. Your face may be a little red afterwards. If you have any skin pigmentation, these spots may at first go darker,  but then eventually disappear.

Because the bacteria causing the acne can be difficult to clear completely, your specialist may recommend that you continue to use specific acne home care products for some weeks after IPL treatment.

Results can vary from person-to-person, however initial results from a recent clinical study show that 58% of acne lesions disappeared with the IPL acne treatment, compared to a 33% improvement with topical cream alone. Your specialist will advise you on what results you can expect.How much does acne treatment cost?Expand

Prices vary according to the type of treatment required and the area to be treated. Every individual case is unique, requiring different products or systems.

For an exact quotation, get in touch with us to book your professional, partly redeemable, €20 initial consultation today. BOOK THIS TREATMENT CALL US 01 2166 778 Download a consultation card Download information as a PDF