Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal – no more razor burn, ever!

In trying to rid yourself of unsightly hair, at some point you’ll probably have made yourself bleed and left a nasty rash with a last-minute shower shave. Or, just as bad, you’ll have hidden away in private for weeks, waiting for your hair to grow out, and then steeled yourself for the agony of the wax strip rip. Enough, already!

For women in particular, too much hair in the wrong place can sap self-esteem – 75% say they want to banish unwanted hair for good. Whatever gender you are, laser treatment gives you long-lasting results.


Using light to prevent hair re-growth

Laser hair removal works by pulsing light set to a special band-width over the treatment area using a hand-held applicator. The light causes a reaction in the hair follicle which, after repeated treatment, destroys the hair root and prevents it from re-growing. Because the light is attracted to dark colours, the darker the hair is in relation to the colour of the skin, the more effective the treatment becomes.

Most people simply experience a warming sensation during laser hair removal, but the great thing about coming to Dundrum Clinic for treatment is that we have a greater choice of the best equipment than any other clinic in the country, meaning you can be sure you’ll get the right laser treatment that’s most suitable for you. We’re long-standing experts in the field and we tailor the process for each individual. Our experience tells us that, on average, the best results are achieved after six to eight sessions, one to three months apart.

Start feeling better about unwanted hair today

If you’d like more information about laser hair removal, give our fully trained practitioners a call or better still, pop in for a chat. A thorough, professional initial consultation takes 30 minutes and is completely FREE at Dundrum Clinic.

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