Skin Tag Removal in Dublin

Skin tag removal in seconds

Are you looking for quick, safe and effective skin tag removal in Dublin? Then you've come to the right place. At Dundrum Clinic we use the latest pioneering techniques to make skin tags vanish in seconds.

As our advanced equipment can target precise areas of skin, we can safely eliminate even the tiniest imperfections. All while ensuring there’s no collateral damage to your skin.

Depending on your individual situation, we may use a combination of skin tag removal techniques for maximum effectiveness. Here are the most common.

skin tag on male's back
cryopen dublin

Which techniques do we use?

At our clinic in Dublin we use the latest techniques to safely remove skin tags.

  • The CryoPen is a high-pressure freezing application that banishes skin tags and other skin imperfections in seconds.
  • We use electrolysis to perform skin tag removal using the Hyrefactor 2000. This involves sending a current of electricity through a tiny needle, which is then applied to the target skin tag.
  • We use the shave excision technique to remove unwanted moles. After administering a tiny amount of anaesthetic to numb the mole, we then use the Dermablade to literally 'shave' the mole down.
  • We also use a CO2 laser to minimise the risk of leaving scars and marks on your skin after the treatment.

Book your skin tag removal in Dublin

Thanks to our innovative solutions, there has never been a better time to get rid of those unsightly skin imperfections.

To find out more you can book an initial consultation for just €20, which is fully refundable against your first treatment. You can book this over the phone, online or by popping into our Dublin clinic.

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