Cryopen Skin Tag Removal

Skin imperfections? Treated for good in SECONDS

Fed up of looking at unsightly skin blemishes but not sure how to get them removed? With the arrival of CryoPen cryotherapy, we can easily sort these out for you.

CryoPen’s high-pressure freezing application accurately banishes skin tags, warts, whiteheads (milia), verrucae, age spots, cherry angiomas and pigmentation in mere seconds. Yes, seconds! And as it’s a precision tool, we can safely target even the tiniest imperfections while still ensuring that there’s no collateral damage to otherwise healthy tissue.

Our fully-trained therapist simply selects the correct, millimetre-specific nozzle, points the handheld CryoPen at the area to be treated and freezes the irritating blemish you’ve been staring at for years. Then you walk out, all done forever!

Get your fast and safe CryoPen skin tag removal taken care of today

Thanks to the revolutionary innovation of the CryoPen, there’s never been a better time to finally get rid of those irritating, unsightly skin imperfections that make you feel self-conscious. It’s so quick, easy and risk-free – it really has to be experienced to be believed. Give us a call today or pop by for a friendly chat. Consultations cost €20 and are fully refundable against your first treatment here at Dundrum Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, get in touch with our fully trained practitioners. Better still, pop in for a chat about your specific requirements. Consultations at only €20 here at Dundrum Clinic, and are refundable against your first treatment.