Permanent Makeup Removal

Ever wished you could time travel?

Sometimes, if you could simply wind back the clock and undo a decision, maybe you would.

Perhaps you’re feeling that way right now about a permanent makeup procedure in the past.

Permanent makeup procedures replicate the look of daily cosmetics. They most often come in the form of eyebrow pencils or permanent eyeliner. They take away the hassle of applying makeup every day - but they're a big commitment.

Permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo, and the ink in tattoos just doesn’t break down on its own - no matter how hard you try. The good news is that you can remove permanent makeup with professional help.

permanent makeup

Professional permanent makeup removal in Dublin

If you’re disappointed with the way your permanent makeup procedure looks, help may be at hand. At Dundrum Clinic, our highly skilled specialist has been using the latest laser removal techniques for more than a decade.

By employing a range of different lasers, we can help you gradually fade away your makeup tattoo. And you can stop wishing you could wind back the clock.

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