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Welcome to Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic

Here at Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic it is our policy to offer only PROVEN effective cosmetic treatments for men and women of all ages, using the most advanced FDA approved equipment and procedures delivered by the most skilled technicians and medical staff.

We are absolutely passionate about getting the best results for you… and it shows! You can rest assured you are in the best hands as our doctors and aesthetic therapists have many years experience at providing the highest level of skin treatments.

Our Popular Treatments


We were the first clinic in Ireland to offer our clients PicoSure Laser tattoo removal. Because we were the first, we have the most experience with this technology.

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In trying to rid yourself of unsightly hair, at some point you’ll probably have made yourself bleed and left a nasty rash with a last-minute shower shave.

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Are you noticing dark, irregular spots of varying sizes discolouring the skin on your hands, face or anywhere else?

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How long have you been “managing” that dodgy toenail? A month? A year? More, maybe?

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There’s something of a buzz around microneedling at the moment – which is no surprise to us as we’ve been offering this treatment for years.

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Like most people, you’ve lived through a whole range of experiences and emotions. You’ve had fun times and sad times and you’ve laughed, cried, frowned and smiled.

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