Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal Nail Treatment

Finally: an effective fungal nail treatment

We know there are a lot of fungal nail treatments out there. And we know it’s a tricky condition to treat. In our more than ten years experience in treating nail fungal conditions, we’ve found a safe and effective solution for the issue.

By targeting nail fungus with the FDA-approved Lunula Laser, we can get rid of the problem often in as little as six visits to our Dundrum or Stillorgan clinics. The reason we can say that? Because of our skilled staff, years of experience and proven results.

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Why laser treatment is the solution that works

The Lunula Laser is the only laser treatment for nail fungus to receive FDA approval.

It uses a low-level laser to target and eliminate nail fungus. The treatment is quick, painless and extremely effective.

What’s more, Dundrum Clinic is the only laser clinic in Ireland where fungus nail treatment can be treated with two different laser types, we also use the Yag laser. How’s that for peace of mind?

You can book an initial consultation to find out more about our fungal nail treatment.

Your consultation costs just €20 – refunded in full should you choose to take up the treatment here at Dundrum Clinic. Book This Treatment Call us 01 2166 778

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes fungal nail infection?Expand

Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) tends to develop if your feet are constantly warm or damp. For this reason, you’re more likely to get an infection if you wear trainers for extended periods.

To avoid infection, you should keep your feet as clean and dry as possible.Why use a laser treatment?Expand

When it comes to treating a nail fungus infection, you generally have two options:

  • oral treatments (creams or tablets)
  • laser treatments

Oral treatments such as antifungal nail cream or antifungal tablets can take up to 12 months to take effect – if they work at all. There are also a number of potential side effects with antifungal tablets that don’t make them suitable for everyone.

On the other hand, laser treatments such as the Lunula Laser are a quicker and more effective solution for nail fungus. You can read more about the effectiveness of the Lunula Laser in this clinical study.How does laser treatment work?Expand

At Dundrum Clinic we use the FDA-approved Lunula Laser to treat nail fungus infection.

It is painless, contactless and highly effective. The patients who have most difficulty in getting results are people with immune difficulties, diabetics, older people, people who use wet footwear in their occupations, people who do sports often, people that have had the condition for longer than five years and people that have the condition in more than five toes.

The low-level energy from the laser gently heats the target area and penetrates through the nail. This eliminates the fungi from underneath your nail.How long will it take to see results?Expand

In our experience, patients see a noticeable improvement in their condition after three months. The infection tends to improve if you combine the treatments with the Yag laser.

However, it’s worth noting that every patient is different and each will see different results. The time scale is intended as a guide rather than a rule. Some patients will see results quicker, others may have to wait a little longer. It depends on the individual patient and the severity of the condition.How much does fungal nail treatment cost?Expand

Here are the prices for fungal nail treatment at our Dundrum and Stillorgan clinics:

  • Fungal detection in house test: €50
  • Laboratory test €79
  • lnitial Treatment (Pairing and preparing nails) €70
  • Consultation with a chiropodist to be arranged after initial consultation): €70.
  • Individual laser sessions for two feet: €99 each.
  • Individual laser sessions for one foot: €79 each.
  • A pack of 6 sessions for two feet: €450
  • A pack of 6 sessions for one foot: €299

Costs for fingers are simlar.

We ask that you can pay a deposit of €20 to secure a consultation slot. This will be deducted from the total price of your treatment.
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