Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal Nail Treatment

Put a stop to painful toenails

How long have you been “managing” that dodgy toenail? A month? A year? More, maybe?

At first, a slight yellowing of the nail and ridges that thickened the surface didn’t feel like the most urgent issue in your week. You figured it would grow out on its own soon enough. And yet it’s still there now, months later, getting more painful to touch every passing day.

Time to get it fixed. Not only are they a painful nuisance that can lead to difficulty walking, fungal nail infections can easily spread to other toes – other people’s, as well as your own.

Fungal nail treatment

Laser technology fixes fungal nails

Laser treatment will solve the problem in about six visits. Prior to laser treatment we recommend you first attend a chiropodist to identify the condition and pare down the affected nails. This means the laser can then penetrate through more effectively to treat the fungus.  At Dundrum Clinic we have an onsite chiropodist and podiatrist, you can coordinate both your laser and chiropody appointments together if you so wish.

A charge of €70 will be applied for the Chiropody appointment. It’s straightforward and safe, especially with us – Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic is the only laser clinic in Ireland where nail fungus removal treatment is overseen by a fully qualified, on-site podiatrist and two different laser types to ensure the best treatment. How’s that for peace of mind?

If you’d like more information about fungal nail treatment then give our fully trained practitioners a call or pop in for a chat.

Your professional and thorough consultation costs just €20 – redeemable in full should you choose to take up a package of treatments here at Dundrum Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes fungal nail infection?Expand

Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) is most commonly caused by a dermatophyte called trichophyton rubrum. This colonises both the nail plate as well as the nail bed.Why use a laser treatment?Expand

Laser is a good option because oral treatments are difficult to apply and can cause problems for the liver. Some fungal nail treatments only work in on certain fungal nail issues. Treatment of toenail fungus has long been particularly difficult due to the location of the fungus both underneath and inside the nail. A breakthrough happened when the FDA approved a 1064nM Nd:yag laser as suitable for treating nail fungus.How does laser fungal nail treatment work?Expand

Take a look at this video for a detailed explanation:

How does the Lunula Laser work?Expand

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How much does fungal nail treatment cost?Expand

The consultation with a qualified chiropodist costs €70. Individual laser sessions are €99 each. You can purchase 6 sessions for 1 foot for €275, or 6 sessions for 2 feet for €400. Book This Treatment Call us 01 2166 778 Download information as a PDF