Giving Back–Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Our Dear Customers,

During this crisis, each of us has been encouraged to do their part to battle, contain and control the COVID-19 virus.

Besides the major disruption to our everyday routines, we know that many of you have been personally affected by the current situation, and our hearts go out to all of you and your family members who are in pain or in distress.

Over the years working in our clinic we have had the privilege of forming strong friendships with many of our customers. To honour these friendships, we are doing everything we can to support those in need.

We are proud to tell you that during this emergency the staff of the Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic have redeployed to do all we can in the fight against COVID-19.

On the front line we have one doctor, two nurses and a trainee nurse who are now on the wards, one nurse is in research, and one staff member is now working in air ambulance control. Two other members of staff have been selected as HSE volunteers and will commence their new roles shortly. Another doctor is expecting to start as a tester soon too.

On the equipment front, our laser engineer has adapted an aesthetic machine usually used for facials to provide the flow of oxygen for someone who may need it. This adapted equipment will not take the place of a ventilator, but will provide a stable oxygen flow to a recuperating patient, or for someone in convalescence. Our engineer is posting his prototype design on the web for engineers in other countries to copy.

With our contacts in medical accessories distribution, we managed to procure a consignment of medical devices and equipment in the UK against heavy opposition from international buyers. This shipment includes oxygen meters, patient monitors, oxygen valves and regulators, PPE and Laryngeal Mask Airways used in critical care.

Our driver is currently en-route to the London area to pick up this precious consignment. We hope to hand these items to the HSE on Friday morning.

We do this not just on our behalf, but on behalf of you, our friends and customers.

We know how important routine can be for a person’s physical and mental health. We assure you that as soon as this emergency is over we will be back at work in our clinic honouring all previous appointments and gift vouchers, and helping you get back to normal.

In friendship,

The Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic Team

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