Constant Urge to Urinate: Causes, Symptoms, How to Fix It

constant urge to urinate

Having a constant urge to pee isn’t necessarily something to worry about. It might be happening because you’re having certain food or drink, and don’t realise that it’s causing an issue. This is fairly common. But if you’re finding that you always need to go to the toilet – regardless of what you eat or…

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A list of FDA-approved Kegel devices

Before we get into the list of FDA-approved Kegel devices, let’s quickly run through what the FDA actually is and why their approval is important. If you’d prefer to get straight to the list, feel free to skip the next section. What is FDA approval? You might have seen the term FDA-approved next to plenty…

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Vaginal Rejuvenation: Meaning, Benefits, Cost

Vaginal rejuvenation has grown in popularity in recent years as women have taken greater ownership of their health. But what is it? What are the benefits? And how much does it typically cost? Let’s take a look. What is vaginal rejuvenation? As you get older, a lot of things stop working as well as they…

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