Profhilo Before and After

Ever wondered what your skin will look like before and after Profhilo? In this blog we're going to examine the amazing effect that Profhilo can have on wrinkly and ageing skin.

All About Profhilo

First, let's quickly run through what the Profhilo treatment involves, how it is administered and its benefits.

Many of the treatments we offer here at Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic are all about accelerating the natural processes of the body rather than forcing it to do anything unnatural - and this is a perfect example of that.

Profhilo is a patented formula containing hyaluronic acid that is injected into sagging areas of skin. Whilst a lot of people believe fillers to be the obvious answer to this issue, Profhilo is more effective, more long-lasting and more natural for this type of treatment.

Whilst dermal fillers artificially fill in the target area of skin, Profhilo works by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. These are key to maintaining the tightness of the skin and avoiding skin laxity.

Despite the differences between Profhilo and fillers in terms of their natural effect on skin, the way they are administered is largely similar. Should you decide to revitalise your skin and take up a course of treatments, Profhilo is injected into your skin by one of our trained experts.

How the treatment works at Dundrum Clinic

During your initial consultation we will examine your skin and create a personalised plan of action.

Each treatment takes just 15 minutes and is relatively pain-free. After just two or three treatments, spaced four weeks apart, you will start to see some amazing improvements in the appearance of your skin. You'll soon see why it is one of the most effective anti-ageing treatments out there!

Here are some Profhilo before and after images.

Profhilo Before and After Pictures - Patient One

In this first example you can see close-ups of a patient before the treatment, 4 weeks after and 8 weeks after. Look how the skin laxity around the eyes, cheekbones and mouth has become firmer and more full of life after just a couple of treatments. Compare and contrast the 'before' image to 'after 8 weeks' and you'll see it's almost like a different person!

Patient Two

Before and After images of Profhilo
Anti-ageing skin treatment

Next, pay particular attention to the area of skin around the mouths of two separate patients. You'll see that the Profhilo has eliminated or vastly reduced the obvious signs of ageing such as wrinkles and lines.

Patient Three

Profhilo Before and After

Our final example shows us the dramatic effects that the treatment can have on older patients. The noticeable wrinkles seen in the first image have almost been completely eradicated after the treatment, which has taken years off this lucky patient's face!


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