Skin Analysis

 Skin Analysis

Skin Analysis at drundrum clinic for Patients

At Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic we have the option to use the innovative Skin Analysis Device to assess your skin before recommending any treatment.

Our Skin Analysis Device allows us to evaluate your skin under 5 different forms of lighting that provide a complete skin visualisation.

This allows us to visualise the type of skin disorders but also their depth and it permits us to measure your overall skin health, including

  • Porphyrin in acne
  • Free oil flow
  • Clogged pores
  • Areas of keratinised skin
  • Areas with diminished circulation
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Vascular conditions
  • Rosacea Skin irritations
  • Areas of lipid-dry skin
  • Milia froms
  • Areas with collagen loss
  • Sensitive and thinner skin areas
  • Wrinkled formations
  • Fine skin surface texture
  • Fine lines pattern
  • Micro relief

  • Daylight Mode

The Daylight Mode allows us to observe your skin under controlled daylight conditions and make comparisons skin conditions appearing in daylight and other skin analysis modes.

  • True UV Mode

The True UV Mode allows us to obtain a clearer, more contrasting and detailed image of your skin than with conventional devices.

  • Simulated Wood’s Light Mode

With the Simulated Wood’s Light Mode the spectral composition mimics a classical Wood’s Light. The patented illumination technology permits the modification of the Wood’s Light spectrum to provide an extra diagnostic dimension.

  • Parallel-Polarisation Mode

The Parallel-Polarisation technology enhances the visualisation of the skin’s surface textures. In this mode, the skin’s micro relief, fine lines and wrinkle formations can be observed with high detail.

  • Cross-Polarisation Mode

The Cross-Polarisation Mode provides us with an unparalleled view below the skin’s surface. At the touch of a button vascular or pigmentation disorders become visible to the human eye.

  • Complexion Analysis

Complexion Analysis reveals inhomogeneity’s in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and irritations.


Two examinations (before and after treatment) cost €30, ask your specialist for more details.


Should you have any questions please phone us 01 2166 778 or Contact Us – we would be delighted to help

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