Here at Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic we offer a complete range of body treatments, for example.

Tattoo Removal using the ultimate in innovative laser technology the new PicoSure Laser, and Alexendrite, Nd yag, KPT, Ruby laser for optimum results.

Internationally trained tattoo removal specialist with 12 years experience.

We offer our clients the latest in laser hair removal technologies. Ensuring that whatever your hair type or skin tone we can help you get rid of that unwanted hair.

The very lates technology Candela Gentlelase Alexandrite Pro, Candela Mini Gentlelase Alexandrite, Candela Gentle Yag for dark skin, Soprano, Diode Laser, Piano.

Treatments for vein and stretch marks removal in any part of the body that are pain free, non-invasive and totally effective.

Stretch marks also can be treated with our erbium yag laser, and nanopore micro needling to improve your skin.

Other of our body treatments to reduce localized body fat and tighten your skin is our non-invasive Ultrasound and Radio Frequency body contouring.

That guarantees a volume and circumference loss of between 3.5cm and 6.5cm.

This treatment will give you firmer, tighter skin and a more streamlined body contour.

Finally the treatment is completely safe and non invasive, it has no downtime, for this reason, you can get on with your normal life after treatment.

More of our Body treatment.

Here at Dundrum Clinic also have various treatments available for men and women to lighten the dark skin around your intimate areas.

Amongst these therapies, we have a peeling technique with specific products for these sensitive areas.

All of our treatments are tried and tested and completely safe. FDA approved equipment and procedures delivered by the most skilled technicians and medical staff.

We also can treat Fungal nail infections in our clinic with nd:yag laser during this treatment you have to follow our staff adivices to get good results.

we want the best for you, and for that reason, new Body treatments are coming soon.

In order to achieve result we also have products for your body, such as body lotions, vaginal care and more.

Call in or phone us and we’ll give you treatment details and costs.

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