Aquagold Fine Touch

Fix multiple skin imperfections in a single session

Showing off the beauty within each of us ends up requiring a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Before you know it, the treatments on our wish list can really start racking up.

That was before AquaGold Fine Touch came along.

Before and After - Aquagold

AquaGold Fine Touch – safe, effective and easy

AquaGold is a brilliant new skin perfecting device that delivers multiple treatments directly to problem areas, all at the same time. The sterile, gold-plated, micro-dosing needles – each of which is thinner than a human hair – are the ultimate safe, virtually painless and bleed-free solution to your skin’s imperfections.

Your qualified Dundrum Cosmetic skincare professional determines the exact, bespoke mix of ingredients to treat your specific needs and the small, single-use, hand-held AquaGold device provides everything in a one-off treatment – with no downtime or complicated after-care routine.

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Whether you’re bothered by the appearance of your neck, hands, décolleté or any part of your face – including the sensitive eye and mouth areas – AquaGold Fine Touch will give you the long-lasting anti wrinkle results you deserve. So don’t allow those irritating imperfections to stand in your way. Get in touch today to book a consultation. This is €20, fully refundable when you book your first treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AquaGold Fine Touch work?Expand

Your qualified skincare professional discusses your specific skin issues with you and then prepares the thumb-sized treatment device with small quantities of serums that address your specific needs. The device is then applied thoroughly to the required areas, allowing the tiny needles to deliver treatment just below the surface of the skin. The session lasts only 30 minutes.Where can AquaGold Fine Touch be used?Expand

AquaGold is recommended for use on all areas of the face and forehead, including sensitive regions around the eyes and mouth, the neck, décolleté and the back of your hands. Call us to discuss your specific problem areas.Does it hurt?Expand

You’re likely to experience only a very minor stinging sensation. Unlike traditional micro-needling roller techniques, the AquaGold device delivers treatment vertically, directly down into the skin. This prevents the small skin tears that can cause pain and bleeding with basic dermal rollers. It also makes the treatment more suitable for people with phobias of needles or blood.When will I start seeing the results?Expand

Depending on the specific serums used for your unique requirements, you should start to see the full improvement after just one week.How many treatments do I need?Expand

Just one. A single session, based on the discussion with your trained skincare professional about your particular needs, can deliver multiple treatments that deal with a variety of problem skin complaints.Are there any side effects?Expand

You may experience some minor redness or swelling immediately after treatment, but it’s nothing that should prevent you from returning to work after a lunch-break treatment session. There’s no long list of products to avoid or after-care Do’s and Don’ts; you can simply get back on with your life and wait for your natural beauty to reveal itself to all.How long do the results last?Expand

This is another of the brilliant things about AquaGold – most results last for three to four months. Remember, this treatment deals with multiple skin issues, so the visible difference can be so much greater than single-issue treatments. For the ultimate longevity, you may repeat the AquaGold process every two or three months.How much does AquaGold Fine Touch cost?Expand

This multiple imperfection-beating treatment costs just €750 for a full face and neck treatment. Book This Treatment Call us 01 2166 778