ZO Skin Health introduce the Acne Prevention and Treatment Program

ZO Skin Health introduce a complete line of highly effective products formulated to treat clogged pores, blackheads (comedones), papules and pustules (pimples) and cysts in a kit form. It can also be prescribed as a preventative treatment for acne and breakouts.

Offects® Exfoliating Cleanser – 150 mL / 5 Fl. Oz.
Offects® Exfoliating Polish – Net Wt. 65 g / 2.3 Oz.
Offects® TE-Pads Acne Pore Treatment – 60 Pads
Offects® TE-Pads Acne Pore Treatment Solution – 75 mL / 2.5 Fl. Oz.
Offects® Sulfur Masque – Net Wt. 85 g / 3.0 Oz.

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