The Secret Grainne Learnt in Nashville

Grainne Tyrrell-smA couple of weeks back when I was on  to the Gold Skin Centre in Nashville, I couldn’t get over how fresh faced the staff were. So in the interest of our SkinDeep readers (of course!) I had to find out more 😉

The secret? Growth Factor Serum! This lightweight, gel-textured night time serum is an intriguing blend of retinol and vitamin C, along with some antioxidant plant extracts. It really does plump fine lines, as well as smooth and brighten your complexion.

I’ve been using it myself ever since, and the girls in Dundrum Cosmetic are now all as addicted to this wonder serum as I am! I did manage to get some into the clinic dispensary here, so if your skin could do with a good boost right now and for over the season, call in and I’ll hook you up. Or you can call the clinic at 01 2166 778

Grainne x

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