Get Your Skin Party Ready

bji02140058Party season is nearly upon us, which means lots of late nights, Christmas cocktails and minimal sleep (yes!). To help get you ready for the festivities, here are some simple skin care tips for a fresh face no matter how many party invitations you get.

Plan ahead

Schedule a course of three professional peels (chemical or laser) in advance to strip away that tired, winter skin. As it’s our birthday you’re in luck – when you book and pay for a course of three professional peels, you’ll only have to pay for two! Call 01 2166 778 as soon as you can as we’ve only 15 of these birthday specials available…

Protect your skin with the right moisturiser

‘Tis the season to find a moisturiser that will do some serious skin-protecting work for you. There’s not much point in having your skin glowing after your course of peels if you’re not using the right nourishing and protecting cream for your skin type.

Ramp up your hydration

Staying hydrated is one of the most important skin care steps you can take to make sure your skin looking its best for any event you’re attending. Central heating can cause havoc with your skin making it tight and flaky, so drinking more water makes sense. You can further combat the drying effects of central heating by using a humidifier in your office and your home. Your eyes will benefit also, so not only your skin will be glowing, your eyes will sparkle too!

Please call us on 01 2166778 and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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