Thread Vein Removal

Thread Vein Removal

Vein Thread Removal treatment sample

There are a number of reasons why broken veins develop. Thread vein removal is also used to treat broken veins, dilated capillaries, red veins as well as thread veins. Various treatments are available depending on the severity of the condition.

What is the cause of spider veins?

Spider veins (also called red veins) can occur on any area of the body, but are most common on the legs and face. The exact cause of spider veins is not known, but quite often the tendency to develop them can run in families. Spider veins are more common in women than men.

It seems female hormones can play a role in their development. Changes in body chemistry such as puberty, birth control pills, menopause, and hormone therapy can bring on spider veins.

Too much sun exposure is never a good idea if you are prone to broken veins. Sun protection is a must to prevent any more appearing.

The most effective treatment for larger thread veins is a specialised laser called an Nd:Yag.
Your skincare is a vital part of the treatment, and we will advise you on how to prevent further damage occurring in the future.

face Thread Vein Removal

How do the thread vein removal treatments work?

The Nd:Yag laser work by emitting a specialised light that is passed through the skin and is absorbed by the hemoglobin (the red portion of blood) in the unwanted vessels. This causes the thread vein to break up and disappear. The choice of which technology we use is dependent on the size of the thread veins to be treated.

What can I expect with the treatment?

You will feel this treatment, it’s like quick sharp bursts of heat on your skin. Afterwards though, you can immediately return to your normal activities.

How soon will I see results?

Because thread vein removal treatment works by causing the unwanted vein to break up and dissolve, you see this happening over the following few weeks.

Are there any side effects?

Very occasionally there can be bruising around the treated area, and will only last a few hours, or in extreme cases one or two days.

Is the treatment permanent?

If your skin has a tendency to broken veins, it’s possible for these to return, especially in very delicate but exposed areas such as the nose. If you do have fragile skin, you’ll probably need a top-up Thread Vein Removal treatment about every 6 months.

What is the cost of this procedure?

Firstly we need to see you to work out if you’re suitable for this treatment by inviting you in for a consultation with one of our skin specialists. Then we can work out the price of the thread vein removal treatment, which depends on the size of the area to be treated as well as the size of the thread veins within the area. This may sound a bit vague, but as everyone is different, we really can’t tell until we see you.

As a guideline, a 45 minute treatment is €135 and would cover treatment for a half face size.

Not sure what treatment is best for you? Contact us for a thorough assessment of your skin, or call us on 01-2166778.

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