Skin Pigmentation Disorder

Skin Pigmentation Disorder

Drundum Skin Pigmantation treatment

What is pigmentation and Skin Pigmentation Disorder?

An increase of melanin is the reason of the pigmentation. Certain conditions, such as pregnancy or Addison’s disease (decreased function of the adrenal gland), may cause a greater production of melanin and hyperpigmentation. Exposure to sunlight is a major cause of hyperpigmentation, and will darken already hyperpigmented areas.

Skin Pigmentation disorder can also be caused by various drugs, including some antibiotics, antiarrhythmics, and antimalarial drugs.

There are different causes of hyperpigmentation. The treatment for Skin Pigmentation Disorder begins with determining the source of the inflammatory condition, the depth and location of the excess pigmentation and resolving or at least managing it through various therapies.

  • Epidermal hyperpigmentation is in the surface layer of the skin and is easier to treat. Epidermal HP is often due to tanning and melasma. Over the counter (OTC) skin lightening creams and lotions with kojic acid and hydroquinone and other topical therapy might be effective for PIH. Epidermal HP is tan, brown or dark brownish in color and may take several months to years to fade without treatment.
  • Dermal hyperpigmentation is located deeper within the dermis. OTC creams and lotions are not likely to work. Treatment involves more invasive lightening treatments or the change might be internal (as in discontinuing birth control bills, or after pregnancy as in the case of melasma. Dermal hyperpigmentation can be in the form of birthmarks, age spots, tanning from prolonged sun exposure and melasma. Treatments like chemical peeling or laser therapy might be needed, but these therapies and treatments need to be used with caution on skin of color to prevent irritation and the worsening of PIH. Dermal HP has a blue-gray appearance and can be permanent or fade over a longer period of time if left untreated.


At Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic we can offers the latest products and Technology for your skin

  • Laser skin resurfacing (pixel/picosure)
  • Chemical peles (Imagen/Zo Dr Obagi/Cosmelan/Mesoestetic/Sesderma)
  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Topical cream
  • Nanopore Microneedling

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