Skin Whitening (Intimate areas)

Skin Whitening and Intimate Areas Rejuvenation

Skin whitening and intimate area rejuvenation is the bleaching of darker coloured tissue surrounding the genital area for cosmetic purposes. Many women feel self-conscious about darker genitals as a result of hereditary genes, hormonal changes, post childbirth, ageing or bacterial infection, (vaginal whitening)


Are you a candidate

1. You belong to an ethnic group who are genetically predisposed to have darker skin “down there”
2.Women and/or their partners face frustration or lack of sexual arousal due to this condition.
3.Women who are unsatisfied of their physical appearance and are ashamed of it.
4.Women who suffer from hormonal skin darkening, post childbirth scarring and stretching, and discoloration as a consequence of ageing.
5.Men and women who have had hair removed from their genital areas exposing darker skin underneath.
6.You have realistic expectations as to how “white” you will become after treatment.

At Dundrum Cosmetic Clinic we have various treatments available for both men and women (vaginal rejuvenation) to reduce the dark skin tone around your intimate areas.

  • A Peeling process applied with a specific concentration of active ingredients designed for each skin and area type.

This treatment for vaginal rejuvenation  requires 6-8 sessions,  at  3-4 week intervals.

  • Another means of transforming the dark tone around this area is by laser or IPL, which may achieve the desired whitening effect in a matter of weeks.
  • We also have treatments based on a combination of acids: salicylic (which acts at a more superficial level and is an aspirin byproduct) and glycolic acids (which penetrates deeper into the tissue, but becomes inactive at mid dermis level, encouraging collagen production); or salicylic acid with trichloroacetic acid. In high concentrations, these products smoothen and burn (causing a reaction similar to dermatitis) the superficial layer of the skin and the dark tone disppears, falling off like a scab after a few days.

The cost of the intimate area rejuvenation treatment is  €120 per session.

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